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Education Priority Number 1

Investments in our Education System is the number one thing we can do to ensure a thriving future for North Carolina.  A highly educated society is what leads to Economic Development, Healthier Living, Reduced Crimes Rates and More.  I will be a strong ally for our Educators, Parents and Students.  I will not just vote Party Line on this or any other issue.  

The Second Amendment: Our Right to Keep and Bear Arms

I will always stand firm in protecting your Constitutional Rights including the 2nd Amendment.  The best way to protect society is not to punish law abiding gun owners in anyway.  Instead we must fully enforce the laws already in place, enact stricter punishments for those who chose to use firearms in a unlawful manner, and repeal any existing law that infringes on the Constitutional Rights of North Carolina/American Citizens.   

Eric Queen received an "A" Rating by the National Rifle Association (NRA) in 2018. 


Over 80% of all Citizens from all Political Parties want Term-Limits placed on Elected Officials.  I will support and fight for Term-Limits, I wont just say it.  I will introduce Term Limit Legislation every year and publicly call out the Swamp Creatures who are not listening to the people on this topic.  

Sanctity of Life

I believe that Life Begins at Conception.  I will always support Pro-Life Legislation without question.  I will also push to ensure that our education system has a Pro-Life curriculum that properly teaches children the Sanctity of Life. 

Eric Queen is a Founding Member of the NC Based Deliver Life N.C. 

Stop Animal Abuse and Puppy Mills

I have a ZERO-TOLERANCE for those who chose to Abuse and Neglect Animal.  I will introduce Common-Sense Legislation to combat Puppy-Mills and the Pet Stores that choose to support them.  I will push to strengthen animal Cruelty Laws to give Law Enforcement the tools they need to go after these creeps.  

Eric Queen is a Volunteer for Craven County Based Colonial Capital Humane Society. 

Jobs & Economy

Small business is responsible for over 60% of the new jobs that are created in Eastern North Carolina. Therefore we must provide a competitive regulatory and tax environment that allows them to continue to grow and create good paying jobs for Eastern North Carolina Families. Support Workforce Development

Workforce Development: In Eastern North Carolina, we are facing a skills and talent gap that leave far too many people on the sidelines, ill-equipped to thrive across all sectors of the economy. We must support the expansion of technical education, in order to provide cost-effective ways for our work force to expand their skill set and take advantage of the many good-paying jobs available throughout the economic sectors.

Opioid Crisis

In 2017, President Trump declared the opioid crisis a National Emergency. Now, Congress needs to do its part and provide emergency funding and the General Assembly needs to allocate proper resources so that we can effectively design the prevention and treatment programs that our communities needs.  The most knowledgeable and effective people that we have fighting this battle are those Community Leaders on the front lines, not bureaucrats in the General Assembly or in Washington D.C. These leaders need to be empowered to fight this epidemic in the ways they know are best for our communities.  We need to provide them with the resources and funding they need and then get out of the way. 

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