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Jobs & Economy

I am 100% committed to creating a pro-worker, pro-business environment that allows the economy of Eastern North Carolina to thrive and create prosperity and opportunities for our families.

Decisions made at all levels of government local, state and federal can have significant and long lasting impacts on the economy of Eastern North Carolina.

President Trump’s return to economic principles that put America First with a competitive tax and regulatory environment was a great first step to generate positive results in our region. 

However; our work is far from over and we must demand that elected officials at all levels of government support additional reforms that will lead to the economic growth of Eastern North Carolina:

  • Education: A well-educated society is one of the biggest indicators of a regions potential for economic growth.   Right now, the General Assembly is failing the Eastern North Carolina Region with education funding below the national average.  This failure has resulted in our youth not being competitive in the job market and our communities not being competitive in attracting new business.  We must be committed to prioritizing the budget in a way that truly puts our public education first.  My commitment will be to ensure the Public Education Spending in North Carolina is above the national average in every aspect from per-pupil spending to teacher compensation.
  • Workforce Development: In Eastern North Carolina, we are facing a skills and talent gap that leave far too many people on the sidelines, ill-equipped to thrive across all sectors of the economy. We must support the expansion of technical education, in order to provide cost-effective ways for our work force to expand their skill set and take advantage of the many good-paying jobs available throughout the economic sectors.
  • Tax and Regulatory Environment: Small business is responsible for over 60% of the new jobs that are created. Therefore we must provide a competitive regulatory and tax environment that allows them to continue to grow and create good paying jobs for Eastern North Carolina Families.  
  • Welfare Reform: The federal welfare system is scattered throughout multiple federal and state government agencies that provide everything from food, medical care, housing, social services and cash to lower-income families.  The total tax payer cost of these programs  is a unsustainable  $1 trillion annually.   While well-intentioned, the reality is that the system is too complex and discourages the very behaviors we know ultimately lead people out of poverty.  We need to consolidate these programs, and align the incentives inside the system to encourage people to return to productive work as soon as possible and live stable family lives.

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