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Education Priority Number 1

Our Public Education System Must be Priority Number 1

We have everything to gain by ensuring a well-educated society and everything to lose if we do not.

When you invest in the education of our youth the long-term positive gains far out weigh the perceived financial burdens. 

A well educated society produces all of the following and many more positive results.

1.  A well-educated workforce attracts business and creates economic stability.

2.  Communities with higher levels of education have reduced rates of drug addiction.

3.  An educated society lives healthier lifestyles which reduce strains on public health systems and leads to lower health insurance costs.

4.  Areas with higher levels of education have safer communities with lower crime rates.

5.  Individuals with higher levels of education are more likely to provide a healthy and stable home environment for their children. 

These are just some of the many positive results obtained through strong investments in our Public Education.

Whenever we discuss the state budget the needs of our public school systems should always come first.  We must make priorities and education should be priority number one. 

We must bring our teachers into the discussion on how to best improve education, as well as retain and attract highly qualified educators.   Our educators are the duty experts on this subject, not elected officials in Raleigh and certainly not the Washington Swamp.

The very idea of North Carolina being below the national average in per-pupil spending and teacher compensation is unacceptable and as your representative I will not tolerate it. 

As your representative, I vow to always put education first.  I will not blindly vote for anything that is related to education.  I will seek the input from both educators and parents on these important issues. I will ensure the vote that I cast as the Representative is in the best interest of our children.


Elect Eric Queen and  Make Public Education Priority #1

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