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This entire program is simply put, a waste of the states and more importantly the tax payers time and money.

Sure, it sounds and feels good to say we have an inspection that helps eliminate air pollution and puts safer vehicles on the road, but the truth is this program does very little to accomplish that.

Has Air Quality improved since the start of emission testing? Yes.  Have vehicle fatalities decreased since the start of safety inspections? Yes. However, that has way less to do with the NC Emission and Safety testing and a whole lot more to do with the fact that GM, Toyota, Ford and other manufactures are making cleaner safer cars every day. 

It is the free market that is meeting the demands of consumers for cleaner safer cars not North Carolina regulators.

Let’s not forget these companies are already regulated at the federal level to reduce pollution and increase safety.

Further, it is typically lower income families that are most financially burdened by this program.  These families cannot afford newer vehicles and struggle every year to meet the costly inspection fees and then the high cost vehicle registration and tax that will follow.

By eliminating this program, we would not only save tax-payers money, but also time by making it easier to reregister vehicles online.  Another benefit would be the savings the state can achieve by simultaneously being able to reduce staff and other cost associated with oversight.

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