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Opioid Crisis

In order to defeat this crisis we must have elected officials at all levels of government (Federal, State, and Local) working to together.  There is not one thing but many things that have to be done.  

  • Local Leaders:  The most knowledgeable and effective people that we have fighting this battle are those Community Leaders on the front lines, not bureaucrats in the General Assembly or in Washington D.C. These leaders need to be empowered to fight this epidemic in the ways they know are best for our communities.  We need to provide them with the resources and funding they need and then get out of the way.  
  • Prevention and Treatment Funding: In 2017, President Trump declared the opioid crisis a national emergency. Now, Congress needs to do its part and provide emergency funding and the General Assembly needs to allocate proper resources in the state budget so that we can effectively design the prevention and treatment programs that our communities needs. We spend over $40 billion per year in foreign aid, and less than $3 billion fighting opioid addiction. It's time to change that and make the health and safety of our citizens the priority. 
  • Secure Our Borders: Over 95% of the illegal opiates that enter our country, do so through our southern border. We have an obligation to secure our border and prevent the flow of illegal drugs from ruining our communities. 
  • Take On the Drug Companies: Overprescribing of prescription opiates is one of the biggest contributors to the onset of opiate addiction. We need legislation to more effectively monitor and prevent the drug companies from aggressively pushing prescription pills into our communities and onto our streets.
  • Drug Dealers: We need to show no mercy to those who choose to participate in the manufacturing and distribution of illegal drugs.  We need stiffer mandatory penalties and a registry similar to the sex offender registry.  Parents should know who these creeps are. 


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