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Sanctity of Life


Life Begins at Conception

I will support all legislation that leads to Reducing and Eliminating Abortion.

I fully support Defunding Planned Parenthood of all tax dollars.  At no time should you be forced to watch as your tax dollars are used to support a organization that profits off the murder of unborn children. 

How We Fight Back

We must create a more Pro-Life Society to ensure Pro-Life Laws can stand with majority citizen support.  We do this by ensuring our children grow up being properly educated on the creation of life from conception to birth.  We must ensure that our education system is referring to the unborn in school as a Unborn Child and not just a Fetus.  We must ensure that schools show student images of all stages of pregnancy so they can fully see and understand the issue.

We must not allow the Liberal Left to Bully us into Silence.  We must encourage all Pro-Life Supporters to be Loud and be Heard.


Help Elect Eric Queen and Together Fight for the Unborn



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