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Support for Term Limits


The idea of implementing Term Limits on all politicians is supported by a majority of the citizens of North Carolina.  We want to "Drain the Swamp" and Term Limits is one way we do it. 

Our Politicians are heavily entrenched in partisan politics, resulting in gridlock when trying to pass any Common-Sense legislation. If term limits were enacted, toeing the party line would be less important, as the need for re-election and holding onto party seats would no longer be the driving force behind most legislative decisions. Representatives would have an easier time passing the legislation that would make a positive difference for the people of North Carolina. 

Money is a major factor in who will win an election. Incumbents have the benefit of the profits they made while in power, the backing of their party, contributing organizations and special interest groups to get re-elected. 

However, these incumbent swamp creatures are often not the best person for the job, as they are so far-removed from the daily realities of the American people. A middle class person who better understands the problems facing the average citizen is highly unlikely to get elected over a incumbent backed by the establishment swamp.

Term limits will help to eliminate the shady, profitable relationships between Representatives, Special Interest Groups, and Lobbyist.

My Common-Sense platform for Term Limits in the General Assembly is fair and simple.  Any person may serve no more than 4-Terms in the NC House and 4-Terms in the NC Senate. 


Help Send Me to the General Assembly and I Will Push for Term Limits



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