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Term Limits

I Fully Support Implementing Term-Limits on Member of Congress and the NC General Assembly.

North Carolinians and American Citizens across the country are tired of political games, power politics and Representatives who ignore the oath office and put Party Before People.

Recent Polling shows that over 80% of U.S. Citizens from all political parties support Term-Limits.

Term limits is essential to Draining the Swamp and providing a return of the Citizen Legislator as intended by our Nations Founding Fathers. They will allow for new ideas and individuals in office ready to work together for the good of the nation. Term Limits will also reduce the corrupt influence of Lobbyist and Special Interest Groups.

Term Limits are mostly Opposed by Swamp Creatures such as Incumbent Politicians, Special Interest Groups and Lobbyist.  This is why we must defeat these Incumbents and replace them with Citizens who will put People before Self and Party and have the courage introduce Term-Limit Legislation. 

A majority of Elected Representative are addicted to Money, Power and Influence and therefore fight against the American Peoples desire to have Term-Limits put in place.

If elected I will support legislation and introduce legislation implementing Term-Limits.  If my fellow elected Representatives won't join us I will work with all states in calling for a Convention of the States under Article 5 of the United States Constitution. 

To those current Representatives who oppose the use of a Convention of States I say this "Do your job and we wont have to".




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