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Statement on Board of Education Election Policy

The Craven County Board of Education is currently elected under a law that allows for people to vote for a member of districts they do not reside in.  This policy lacks in Common-Sense and has the potential to suppress the vote and voice of a particular community. 

The Board of Education plays a significant role in not only our children's education but also on how we as a district recruit and retain highly qualified teachers.  It is the job of your elected representative to be your communities voice on this board. 

As parents we elected individuals to the Board to represent the best interest of our communities.  There is no doubt that the interests of one neighborhood can be significantly different then the interest in another. 

We must call on our elected officials to address this policy and take corrective action to ensure that the Board of Education is a proper representation of the Citizens they are elected to represent. 

Bottom Line is this.  This law needs to be change so that only Citizens residing in that particular board of education district are permitted to vote in that election. 

I am committed to always supporting policies that promote our Education Systems and ensuring that that any policy that impacts that is in the best interest of our communities. 


We need your support for the 2020 election.

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